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NATURASIE® : « The nature in the heart of the cosmetic »

We create cosmetics and beauty spa products based on natural ingredients. Bali, the island of the gods, offers a rich tropical nature that allows us to develop innovative and exceptional quality product lines, from natural extracts: organic aloe vera, organic cocoa butter, hibiscus extracts, green tea ...
cosmetics and SPA products with organic aloe vera from Bali cosmetics and SPA products with organic cocoa from Bali cosmetics and SPA products with hibiscus flower from Bali cosmetics and SPA products with virgin coconut from Bali cosmetics and SPA products with Toraja coffee cosmetics and SPA products with green tea

Our researchers team lead by a French pharmacist develop modern formulas based on raw material that nature puts to our hand. Our ranges include skin care, face care and hair care products, as well as hygiene and well-being products.

Organic aloe vera line We developed our beauty SPA products and cosmetics based on two principles: firstly, the use of raw materials drawn from the heart of the plant kingdom, to make natural and active products for your skin, while respecting our environment. Secondly, the use of Indonesia resources as the diversity of tropical plant and traditional beauty ritual several centuries old are a real source of inspiration for our research teams.

SPA products supplier, we also offer hotels and villas amenities. We develop signature and highly personalised products and Bali Professional SPA products services, customised products line or packaging tailored to the needs of our customers.
Formulas on demand and multiple packaging solutions are available.